redis analyst (6)- simple performance test for mini cluster


“High performance and linear scalability up to 1000 nodes. There are no proxies, asynchronous replication is used, and no merge operations are performed on values.”

但是为什么要做一个简单的性能测试,因为第一次部署redis cluster,到底部署什么样的规模才能满足需求是无法回避的问题。所以还是简单测试下,为什么称为简单测试,因为实际环境中的软硬件配置、实际应用操作的读写比例、读写内容大小、读写波动范围、读写的机器数、线程数等实际场景,远不是本地可以简单真实模拟的。所以这里只是简单测试下(关注点在速度),以有个感性的认识,以回答部署需要什么样的规模等问题。>cluster nodes
87903653548352f6c3fdc0fa1ad9fc68de147fcd myself,slave 798f74b21c15120517d44bacfc7b5319b484244b 0 0 2 connected
3892d1dfa68d9976ce44b19e532d9c0e80a0357d slave b2b98976dfbc9f85bf714b385e508b3441c51338 0 1517983027812 17 connected
798f74b21c15120517d44bacfc7b5319b484244b master - 0 1517983028313 5 connected 5461-10922
b2b98976dfbc9f85bf714b385e508b3441c51338 master - 0 1517983027813 17 connected 10923-16383
b71b412857c43e05a32a796fbc0de2e7d667cb67 slave 912a1efa1f4085b4b7333706e546f64d16580761 0 1517983026306 6 connected
912a1efa1f4085b4b7333706e546f64d16580761 master - 0 1517983026809 6 connected 0-5460


Redis Cluster  Node number Mini Redis cluster (6 nodes:  3*2 )
 Configure  Hardware  Cpu: 2 * Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v2 @ 2.60GHz

Memory:  4G(3924392)

 Software  #disable save cache content to disk
save “”
appendonly no# memory limit
maxmemory 1G
maxmemory-policy allkeys-lru
 make sure never reach max memroy
 Test Machine   Node number  15
 Configure Hardware configures Cpu: 2 * Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v2 @ 2.60GHz

Memory:  8G(8180636)

Software configures Jedis connection pool :


 Test method  Operation  write Test1: 10(machine) * 50(thread per machine) * 20K(write operation)= 10000K

Test2: 15(machine) * 50(thread per machine) * 20K(write operation)= 15000K

 String set(final String key, final String value)(1) key size: about 30

(2) value: size:

about 30

read  Test1: 10(machine) * 50(thread per machine) * 20K( read operation)= 10000K. data base existed 10000K records

Test2: 15(machine) * 50(thread per machine) * 20K( read operation)= 15000K,  data base exixted 15000K records

String get(final String key)

(1) no hit

(2) key size:about 30

  Test result  OPS  Read  100K
 Write  50K
 Success Ratio Read  100%
 Write  100%


operation per second

测试结论: redis cluster的最小集(3*2),单纯考虑速度,不考虑容量限制,已经能支持很高TPS的需求了,另外需要注意的事,这是理想的测试,所以实际评估中仅供参考。

题外: 将读写测试1:1混合,会怎样,将两种测试同时并发执行,还能达到10万/S读,5万每S写么?测试结果如下:

总的OPS,只能达到45Kops, 然后读写吞吐量基本差不多1:1。这种数据比单纯只测一种更具有实际参考价值。

concurrent write/read

Open source: server-test-toolkit

SST is an open source project which is designed for test automation of server applications.


Code SVN:

Apache Maven:


Release Version:


– Remote Shell Tool

  • Feature; shell commands’ execute and results retrieve based on remote linux server;
  • Use: grep server logs, modify config, block connection, get cpu/io/memory/swap performance data etc.

– Remote Storage Tool

  • Feature: download/upload file with remote ftp/sftp server;
  • Use: prepare and use test data in one centra ftp/sftp server.

– Random File Tool

  • Feature: generate several kinds of file: doc/txt/jpg/pdf for test data
  • Use: test data prepare, used for storage applications.

– General DB Access Tool

  • Feature: access db and do operations.
  • Use: check records in database

– Job Schedule Tool

  • Feature: encapsulate quartz to supported job config/execute and register mbean for monitor support
  • Use: define some jobs to do some tasks.

– Popular Services Access Tool

  • Feature: provide the access interfaces for popular services such as memcached/zookeeper
  • Use: server applications often contain popular open source services, so this tool provide the common access methods for popular ones.

– Effetive Util tool

  • Feature: disk/io/memory/trackid/sleep/validation/performance etc
  • Use: util tool will help coder code more effectivly


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