Open source: server-test-toolkit

SST is an open source project which is designed for test automation of server applications.


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– Remote Shell Tool

  • Feature; shell commands’ execute and results retrieve based on remote linux server;
  • Use: grep server logs, modify config, block connection, get cpu/io/memory/swap performance data etc.

– Remote Storage Tool

  • Feature: download/upload file with remote ftp/sftp server;
  • Use: prepare and use test data in one centra ftp/sftp server.

– Random File Tool

  • Feature: generate several kinds of file: doc/txt/jpg/pdf for test data
  • Use: test data prepare, used for storage applications.

– General DB Access Tool

  • Feature: access db and do operations.
  • Use: check records in database

– Job Schedule Tool

  • Feature: encapsulate quartz to supported job config/execute and register mbean for monitor support
  • Use: define some jobs to do some tasks.

– Popular Services Access Tool

  • Feature: provide the access interfaces for popular services such as memcached/zookeeper
  • Use: server applications often contain popular open source services, so this tool provide the common access methods for popular ones.

– Effetive Util tool

  • Feature: disk/io/memory/trackid/sleep/validation/performance etc
  • Use: util tool will help coder code more effectivly


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